Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Here's another food-song. In 1997, Weird Al Yankovic, an American entertainer came with with this gem. The song names nine Italian dishes! I think that's the highest amount of food any song has ever hogged. Here is the song and the lyrics. Or should I call it the lunch menu?

You want some lasagna magnifico!
Or a-maybe spaghetti
Ay, you supper's a-ready now, where you go?
Mama mia bambino,
Mama mia bambino, 'samatta you
'Samatta you, 'samatta you?

You should taste my lasagna
Ay, you no like lasagna?
That's okay too,
How about calzone?
Some-a nice minestrone, 'ats good for you
Have some marinara,
Have some marinara, I know you like
I know you like, I know you like!


Would you like some zucchini?
Or my homemade linguini, it's hard to beat!
Have more fettuccini.
Ay, you getting too skinny, you gotta to eat
Ay, mange, mange!

Ay, you pass the lasagna
A-don't you get any on ya, you sloppy pig!
Have more ravioli
You-a get roly poly, a-nice and big
Like you cousin Luigi
Luigi, Luigi, capisce paisan?
Capisce paisan, capisce paisan?


Actually Weird Al's song was a parody of a Mexican folk song La Bamba. The song was popularised in the USA for the first time in 1958 by Ritchie Valens. Another version was recorded by Los Lobos in 1987 for a film by the same name as the song. Both were smash hits in America, from where Weird Al Yankovic's song came up, in their own times. Here are the links to these two numbers:


Musically good? May be. The initial bit of guitar quite catchy? Yes, I'll give that to you too. But far less exciting without all that cheese and meat choking your heart down, won't you agree?

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