Saturday, February 4, 2012

Conquered by Kakori

Delhi is a city with heavenly kababs and tandoori food. However, apart from the regular dishes, one kabab, from Lucknow, would surely seize the crown. This is the Kakori kabab of Alkauser in South Delhi, at Malai Mandir. Notwithstanding the mesmerising mutton dam biryani, which is served in the same sealed clay pots in which they are cooked, this one is the show-stealer of this open-air restaurant. Kakori kababs originated in kitchen of the Wizarat of Lucknow in the nineteenth century, apparently to cater to the demands of an aged toothless Nawab. Made of pasted meat, these are some of the most tender kababs that you'll ever find. It will literally melt in your mouth. Take my word for it.


  1. 'khabo khabo' korchhe amar pagla mon!! :D

  2. khete hochhe sometime soon!! ki barnona!

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